Writing Materials that Never Go Out of Style

Computers cannot replace the classic pen and paper. Anything to jot down notes in class, note some important reminders in the office, or just plainly doodle in, almost everyone reaches for a notebook. Since the 1930’s, an orange covered notebook got everybody’s attention because of its quality paper. Made from one of the smoothest and silkiest fountain pen friendly paper, Clairefontaine, maker of Rhodia’s papers, only buys pulp from sustainable, certified forests. Any Rhodia notebook is a reasonably priced fountain pen friendly notebook.

Rhodia notebook
Rhodia notebook

The true test of a quality notebook almost always relies not just on how well it holds together, but on how it looks like after you wrote on it. Others may do well on the usual ballpoint pen, but almost every other notebook fails once you use a fountain pen. Not so with a Rhodia notebook.

Classic Writing Supplies

Preferred by creative and industry leaders, nothing beats a notebook. Writing by hand makes you analyze what you’re thinking, keeping thoughts organized.

More than just a bunch of papers bundled together, what are the basic types of the notebook?

* Elastic closure notebook – has a band to hold it close when not in use. It usually has a hard cover to stand against the elastic.

* Standard notebook – the most common. With a soft cover, it has a stapled or glued binding.

* Pocket notebooks – small and the most convenient to carry.

* Ring notebooks – for easy tearing out of pages. Click here Notedian

Rhodia notebooks

The iconic orange and black cover of any Rhodia notebook guarantee the best writing paper. Here’s the range of Rhodia notebooks:

* Rhodia Ice – a slim notebook with stapled sides

* Side-stapled Rhodia Dot Notebooks – has coated card covers that are water-resistant. The dots may be guidelines for writing but will not distract you should you choose to use the notebook for drawing.

* Webnotebook – a good Rhodia notebook for a journal because of it’s thick, hardcover with an elastic band closure

* Rhodiarama Soft Cover – notebook with a soft cover

* Unlimited Pocket Notebook – small, with a soft cover and strip closure

* Rhodia Business Notebooks – with the notable space at the top of every page for the details of meetings. The left side of each page is for notes while the opposite side is for planned actions.

* Wirebound notebooks – has the traditional wires, but Rhodia’s double wires are not only strong but snag-proof.

Other writing supplies

Because Rhodia papers are fountain pen friendly, ink pens play an important role. The right kind of ink will give you an enjoyable writing experience. A fountain pen ink works differently because of its flow properties and other factors like viscosity. To have the correct ink and paper for the fountain pen, buy from an established store that sells all three like Notedian.

Because of their durability, Rhodia products are favorites also of designers, scientists, and architects. In fact, the Rhodia paper got designed with a fold-around cover and hard coated-board backing for professional, easy use.

Another classic, quality, reliable writing staple, are Stabilo art supplies. They’re perfect for stress-releasing coloring, labeling, bulleted journals and plain note taking.

For writing instruments of superb quality visit https://www.notedian.com.

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