Cake Decorating Tools Every Serious Baker Must Have

Do you want to improve your craft when it comes to baking? You must be willing to invest in all of the cake decorating tools Adelaide has available. While baking is an art, it is also a science. You need the use of baking equipment and tools in order to make beautiful baked goods.

Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is one item that is never missing in the list of Adelaide cake decorating tools and equipment. Without a mixer, you will never be able to produce the ideal batter for your cakes or other pastry goods. If you were to mix it by hand, it could take you a long time to produce the same type of batter as an electric mixer can.

Piping Bag and Nozzle Set

A piping bag is another important essential in this list of cake decorating tools Adelaide offers. A piping bag is what you need to create swirls and other patterns on the surface of the cake after the frosting is applied. There is a variety of nozzle shapes available to create different shapes and patterns to suit your liking.

Pastry Comb

This is another simple tool that can create a unique look to your cakes and baked goods. The end of this pastry comb comes with different styles to add texture to the frosting on the cake.


When making cakes, you will need a wide range of spatulas. You will use the spatula to apply the frosting or icing on top of the cake. To smoothen or even out the layer of frosting, you will also need to use a spatula.

Mixing Bowl

If you have an electric mixer as one of your baking essentials, you need to have a mixing bowl as well. You need to invest in different sizes of mixing bowl since this is where you will be mixing the batter and the frosting. The best types of mixing bowls are the ones that are made out of stainless steel for durability. But make sure to invest in mixing bowls that are heat-proof for making a chocolate ganache. Caroline’s Sugar Art Services


When it comes to cake decorating tools Adelaide can offer, this is one thing that should never be missing on the list. A stencil comes with various patterns that can be used to create lacy patterns or styles to the cake. You can spray on food colors or dusted with powdered sugar to reveal the pattern.


When you are decorating the cake with finishing touches, a turntable is a very useful tool. It is widely available in shops that offer cake decorating tools Adelaide currently has. The turntable is designed to move on its own so you won’t have to when decorating the entire cake. The elevation also makes it easier to decorate the bottom part of the cake.

Cooling Rack

Finally, you will need a cooling rack for baking and decorating cakes. You can use it for cooling your cakes or cupcakes before you decorate them. It is important to let the cake cool before you decorate them with frosting or icing so that the icing won’t melt while you apply them.

If you are ready to get baking, you can find best cake decorating tools in Adelaide at This website is your one-stop shop when it comes to all things baking. As long as you have all of the basic tools listed above, you are good to go!

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Tips for Getting the Best Deal on Marquee Hire

Not everyone has the spending money of famous celebrities to have a high end wedding with marquee. However, it is the most sought after type of wedding preparation because of the romantic and intimate setup. If you are planning to have a marquee wedding, it is important to do your research ahead of time so you can get the best deals. Sure, setting up a marquee can be expensive. But if you look hard enough for the best marquee hire in Sydney, you can make your dream wedding come true without breaking the bank. It is all about timing and knowing the industry well to help you get the marquee of your dreams at a price you can afford. Below are tips you can use to get the best price when working with a marquee hire in Sydney: • Look as thoroughly as you can. This is no time to get lazy – if you want a marquee for your wedding but have a limited budget to work with, you need to get quotes from multiple sources. Ideally, gather estimates from at least 6 suppliers. Take the time to research for reviews on each of these suppliers. You want to ensure that you have scoured the industry thoroughly for the best deals. • Avoid booking marquees on peak season or weekends. The law of supply and demand applies in the wedding industry, particularly for marquee hires and rentals. If possible, avoid booking for events on weekends or peak season as this can cause the rental prices to double or triple, depending on the demand! It is also good to have an idea of the regular cost of marquee hire so you can compare the prices when doing your research and comparison. • Book them in advance. There are certain suppliers that offer an early booking discount. If you can find one, grab it! However, it is important to choose a marquee hire company that you are confident about hiring and not just because that have a discount offer! • Check the inclusions in the marquee hire package. Does it include setup and restoration? What other decorative accessories (such as linings, carpets and draperies) can you get from the package? It is important to know what you can get for a certain price to be able to estimate its actual value. • Do not just hire the marquee rental company recommended by or tied up with your venue. You need to find a marquee company that fits within your budget and decorative requirements. In addition, you will stand at securing an even better deal with an independent marquee hire compared to those referred by your other suppliers. When the venue manager recommends any company, do not say “yes” right away. If you want a marquee wedding or hosting an outdoor event, get a marquee hire in Sydney with Absolute Party Hire. Aside from marquees, they also offer a wide range of equipment suited for your party planning needs – from catering equipment, to urns and decorations, you name it! To learn more about their services, visit their website at
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How Respite Care Brings You Closer with Your Aged Parent

Sometimes, being away from a person brings you closer to them. It might sound nonsensical, but with respite care, it does make sense.

Caring for aged loved ones brings different types of burden—tight budgets, strained relationships, and comorbidities. Sometimes, solutions involve escapism that progresses to neglect quickly. This happens when untrained family caregivers become stressed out. If they have no one to lean on, a distressed caregiver will look for external sources for that missing emotional validation.

respite care

Services like respite care can solve this problem.

Ending your identity crisis

When you transition from the adult child role to the parent role, it can be confusing. Identity crises can happen. New responsibilities and roles are now in your hands. The parent who used to care for you is now the one who needs care. It’s overwhelming if you look up to your aging parents for support.

Even if you’re not compelled to do the home health services, overseeing your parents’ wellness can still be stressful. Ending your identity crisis can be a valuable start in coping with that. If you can learn how to accept the new role you have, you can deal with the pains of caring for a loved one. As adult children, you can end your identity crises by taking time off to reflect.

A time to reflect – Differentiating your relationships

Ending your identity crisis involves separating the past and the present. Your aged parents are now incapable of giving the emotional validation and support unlike before. It’s important to take note they are still the same person, but not quite.

Here are some helpful things to reflect about:

  • Your memories with them – This helps you remember who they were before they got ill.
  • Everybody ages – You will age someday, too. Realizing this will help you empathize with your parents easier.
  • There are rooms for new memories – Your new relationship with your parents doesn’t have to be bland. You can still make new memories by doing fun, stimulating activities even if they’re disabled.

Getting Respite Care

As the primary caregiver, you can take some time off by getting respite services. A respite care takes your aged parent temporarily to give you a break. This is also a good trial method if you want to send your aging parent to an aged care facility. If your parent goes along with nursing home, you can start applying for their eligibility to receive government subsidized services.

Meanwhile, there are also inhome respite services. These are mostly preferred by those who seek temporary caregivers because of a busy schedule. In-home respite allows adult children to still see their parents but relieves them of the burden of caring responsibilities. In-home respite also provides grooming services and supervision in your absence.

Space for everyone

Your parents also need space. However, don’t leave them completely. A few hours of being away—a walk in the park or mall—that will do. This will help you reorganize your thoughts and feelings. You can do activities like people-watching. While at it, you may experience sonder—the realization that other people also have their own universes, completely different from yours but very similar. Things like that make you feel that you are not completely alone.

Joining a community

Just because you need to be alone, doesn’t mean you have to endure things by yourself. Joining a community comprised of other family caregivers and even aged parents helps you cope. A community exists for you to share experiences and valuable information about aged care. Also, a community is also a grapevine for the latest news about aged care policies.

Aging will never be easy. It impacts everyone from families to a whole nation. Never forget to take a step back for a clearer view when things get murky.

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4 Serious Reasons to Visit a General Practitioner

Are you considering visiting a doctor because you’re experiencing tingling and numbness in your body parts? Well, it is obviously a wise decision to visit a doctor when you’re feeling any discomfort. But have you ever considered the need for visiting a doctor like any local Mango Hill doctor even though you’re not suffering from any ailment?

Well, there’s always a chance of some disease or some ailment to start developing inside your body all of a sudden that can only be identified through a regular checkup. Here, in this article know the four major reasons for visiting a GP even though you are all healthy and fit on the outside.

To Know Your Numbers

Whether it’s the blood pressure or the cholesterol, these are such health issues that tend to change their numbers every now and then, depending on your lifestyle and eating habits. When you book doctor Northlakes has or other GP for a general checkup session, you become aware of your physical condition and can take the needed measures to avoid risks of strokes, heart attacks or kidney diseases, often caused by high cholesterol level of blood pressure.

To Maintain General Health

To maintain a good health, sometimes you may need some screenings or vaccinations. But, how will you know that unless you’ll visit a doctor in your area, like a Mango Hill doctor! Having the right vaccinations can save you from threats posed by diseases like hepatitis B, polio, rubella etc. and screenings can help you to identify a disease at its earliest stage, leaving you time enough to opt for total cure. Both early detection and early prevention of a disease can be possible if you visit a GP regularly without waiting for the illness symptoms to force you to do so. Check out for more details.

To Update Your Medical Record

Another benefit that you can have by visiting a general practitioner in your area like a Northlakes GP is getting your updated medical record which may come extremely handy in case of emergency. Accidents cannot be predicted, therefore, you can never know when you may need your medical records. Therefore, an updated medical record in events of sheer emergency can help in preventing the wastage of time by already having various test records.

To Build a Doctor-Patient Relationship

Building a good doctor-patient relationship is very important to have the most effective and alternative treatment options in situations of illness and injuries. Such relationship, however, isn’t built instantly, and rather requires time and several interactive sessions between a doctor and a patient. Once such relations are built, it becomes easier for both you and your GP Mango Hill has to talk about your condition and offer suitable treatments.


Even if you feel healthy, it doesn’t have to necessarily mean that you are healthy inside. It is often the feelings of being indestructible and healthy that lead people to ignore vital components of wellness and health. Therefore, it’s important that you visit a primary care physician like a Mango Hill doctor to have a proper insight on your health that is unknown to you. You can also refer to websites like that may help you in finding all the information that you’re looking for regarding general practice and practitioners. Read more at SmartClinics for more information.

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Innovation in Collaboration

We’ve written quite a lot about project management and collaboration tools in the past but recently we came across a tool that takes the collaboration process to the next level. ProjectThingy is project management software that can be seamlessly integrated into your site giving your team and clients a familiar project environment and full collaboration capabilities.

While we love Basecamp and use it daily here at ReadWriteWeb, the idea of embedding this type of software into a page using only a few lines of code is appealing. Easy to use, you just point to the domain you want it to live on, create a username, password and voila – ProjectThingy spits out the code for you to cut and paste to your site.

Feature overview:

Name and mission statement
Status: none, in progress, problem, complete
Due date
Milestones with dates and status indicators
Project members from your user pool
Work items

Discussion threads with assignments
Limited client access
Work items
Name and description
Status: none, in progress, problem, complete
Assign to any project member
Attach links and files (up to 1GB per file)
Add link and file revisions
Clients only see latest revision when assigned

Project and work item message threads
Optionally assign to any project member with status: none, in progress, problem, complete
Clients only see messages when assigned
User pool

Unlimited number of users
User permissions: no access, client, team, administrator
There are four levels of pricing and you can cancel your subscription at any time. ProjectThingy will keep your data for six months after you cancel, making it easier for you to return if you change your mind later on.

Free: 1 Active Project, 50MB Storage
Small: $19 P/M: 10 Active Projects, 6GB Storage
Medium: $39 P/M: 30 Active Projects, 20GB Storage
Large: $139 P/M: Unlimited Projects, 100GB Storage
Using Amazon Web Services for scalability and reliability, ProjectThingy runs on EC2 with a MySQL database with data storage on Elastic Block Storage and files in Simple Storage Service buckets.

The team behind the project Chris and Utka Ritke have created five short videos if you want to learn more or check out their FAQ page.

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