Activated Nuts vs Raw Nuts

The concept behind activated nuts is not new but it is only gaining attention recently. The term ‘activated’ is what has specifically drawn attention. It is no secret that nuts offer various health benefits. But what any different or any better do activated nuts have to offer? Before you go out to find activated nuts Australia has to offer, or jump on the bandwagon, it is important to know exactly what makes them different (or better?) than your regular nuts. The term activated is used to describe a process that nuts go through to extract its optimum nutritional components. Experts believe that you could be missing out on these nutrients and its corresponding health benefits by consuming raw nuts alone. Technically speaking, nuts are bio-active when you soak them in a salted mixture to undergo partial fermentation. Australia activated nuts suppliers use a wide range of nuts to go through this process and eliminate enzyme inhibitors that prevent absorption of their nutrients. The process of soaking to produce activated nuts Australia has to offer is simple. However, the science behind it is a bit complex. This is one of the reasons why consumers think it is a health fad because they do not understand the complexity of the process of making these nuts bio-active. Raw nuts are limited in value not because the nuts itself lack the nutritional value. Instead, the phytic acid found in the nuts itself prevent the nuts from sprouting prematurely. The process of sprouting helps to release the nutritional components in nuts that offer maximum benefits to humans who eat them. Check Let’s Be Natural for more details. The best activated nuts Australia has to offer must have gone through early sprouting stage for you to absorb the essential nutrients. Moreover, this process prevents the possibility of suffering from digestive problems caused by enzyme inhibitors found in raw nuts. Some health researchers would even claim that aside from relief from digestive problems, consuming activated nuts in Australia can also prevent pancreatic cancer. If you decide to soak your own nuts at home, you need to be a little more careful though. Just because you are soaking your nuts does not mean they are completely safe or healthy for you. It is important to follow the ideal soaking time and use filtered water. Tap water can contain pollutants and chemicals that are just as harmful. Also, it is recommended that you use organic nuts to reduce the possibility of being exposed to pesticides or chemical fertilizers. When in doubt, look for activated nuts Australia’s certified sellers provide. Most of these sellers offer a wide range of nuts to choose from to suit your liking. Furthermore, the nuts are already soaked and ready for you to consume, saving you a lot of time and effort in preparing them. You can also guarantee that the nuts are soaked using the recommended procedure to extract maximum benefits and nutrients from the nuts. If you purchase from reputable sellers or those recognized by the local health department, you may now be able to enjoy your nuts like never before.
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