Fun Team Building Activities – Making the Business Executives Work as a Unit

Corporate training is an essential part of every major and minor business organisation to prepare their employees at all levels to face the challenges they have to encounter in a highly competitive business environment. Training programmes for business executives at different levels used to be the dull classroom training sessions with Powerpoint presentations and guest lectures by some domain experts and so on. While these were good in content, the direct benefits accruing to the organisation could have been questionable. It requires a different approach and fun team building activities fall in this category of effective management training programmes.

Getting the Full Attention of the Executives

Over the years, the human resources development (HRD) teams have realised that it is not so easy getting the executives to attend such training programmes. Firstly, having the functional executives to be released for training purposes itself is tough. Most of them would be holding key portfolios, and their immediate superiors won’t easily release them for training, jeopardising their routine work. Even if they did attend these programmes, as mentioned above, their attention span would be brief and the desired objectives won’t be realised. So the companies sought the services of dedicated trainers, who take the groups of executives out of the corporate environment to places where there is natural environment with trees or rocks or forests, and camp there for some duration. The length of the camps can be 3 to 5 days and by the end of these exciting informal times the team has, they develop a nice bonding and working together under tough situations becomes second nature to them.

Types of Activities and Games Played

A few of the fun team building activities can be tried in the office environment as well, but the informal atmosphere and outfit help designing the activities better. There are two ways the training team can put the managers and executives through. One is where some tasks are given, and the group is divided into 2 groups and possibly a leader singled out in each. These tasks could resemble some of the activities in the corporate world. The teams then do their own brainstorming and delegate role play and come up with the solutions. Their activities are closely watched so that any corrections in the approach can be pointed out. The fun element has to be there in the way the task is handled.

The other way is to have fun team building activities that have no immediate relevance to the business scenario. However, the way the leader of the group/groups tries to rally the team members around in completing the tasks can bring about the sense of oneness and belonging. This sense is ultimately conveyed to the team members by the trainer to make them conscious of the necessity to work as a team and not at cross purposes.

Different Programmes for Different Levels

These fun-filled activities and training sessions aimed at team building can be done for different levels of managers and executives in organisations. The trainers will hold detailed meetings with the HRD department and the top management to understand specific issues and then modify their tasks and activities accordingly.

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