Getting the Best Deals on LEGO Toys in Australia

The Lego Group is a private company based in Billund, Denmark. They began creating products in 1949, with their most popular one being the LEGOs. These toys are known to be brightly-colored interlocking plastic bricks that can be connected and assembled in a variety of ways. It can also be used to construct everything from buildings to vehicles to robots. Once constructed, its pieces are not permanently stuck together as it can be deconstructed and rebuilt again. Since its release, LEGOs have become enduringly popular toys. They maintained such a strong presence on the global consciousness that they began to support their own games, movies, competitions, and theme parks. One of the best places to buy LEGO toys in Australia is Mr. Toys Toyworld. They have an online selection of over 400 toys from this brand including LEGO Friends sets, City sets, and Lego Star Wars Australia.

Here’s a quick list on some of their best products:

1. Mr. Toys Toyworld offers a large selection of LEGO games for both boys and girls of all ages.

These games include LEGO Creationary, Shave-a-Sheep, LEGO The Simpsons, City Alarm, Game Meteor Strike, and Pirate Plank. In addition, many of the games offered by this brand incorporate pop culture and other favorite children’s characters such as Star Wars, Batman, Halo, and Lord of the Rings are just few of the collaborations transformed into LEGO games.

One of Mr. Toys Toyworld most popular LEGO games is LEGO Creationary. In this game, there are four different building categories: nature, things, building, or vehicles. Players must take turns building something using these categories, while others try to guess what they are building. This games costs AU $49.99.

2. Another popular LEGO series is the Ninjago. Ninjago LEGO is a contemporary set that incorporates elements from the already outdated Ninja series. Its theme revolves around the universe of Ninjago, which contains both ancient villages and modern cities. This LEGO universe contains various elements such as Stone Army, Skeleton Army, and dragons as well.

More than anything, it can be both described as a fantasy and sci-fi world. Back then, the Ninjago series was a popular product that it was spun-off into a television show on the United States’ Cartoon Network and a Nintendo DS video game. It was also adapted into a feature film. At Mr. Toys Toyworld, LEGO Ninjago sets sell at about AU $80.00. Check out

3. Mr. Toys Toyworld has some of the best toy sales including LEGO sale all over Australia. On its official website, it has different sale offers on LEGO products including deals under $10, half-price specials, bundle offers, coupon offers, and catalogue offers. Current sales on these products also include spending $89.99 on a Dolphin Cruiser set, $69.99 on a Heartlake High set, $149.00 on a Republic Gunship set, and $69.99 on a Mega Bloks Halo Count Down set.

LEGOs are truly some of the most popular toys across Australia, even the whole world. Kids enjoy playing with these sets, while parents enjoy watching them stretch their imagination.

In Australia, those who are looking to buy LEGO games should browse at Mr. Toys Toyworld. There is no bigger and more diverse selection of toys in the country than this toy shop. Buy LEGO online at and get some of the best priced deals on these popular toys.

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