Chatbots: how important are digital assistants for businesses?

With digitization, the way customers interact with businesses has also undergone a rapid evolution. Traditional channels like email and phone are no longer the only options for getting in touch with businesses. Dynamic messaging platforms are becoming increasingly popular. One technology is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the customer service arena: chatbots.

What exactly are chatbots?

The term chatbot is composed of the words "chat" and "robot". Behind the technology of chatbots is a dialogue system that can communicate by voice or text input, find out how. Chatbots process requests without direct human intervention. They work in an automated way and are often used in customer service. Through programming, chatbots respond to customer requests in real time based on a knowledge base that provides the answers.

The versatility of chatbot technology

Chatbots can perform many different functions. Their primary task is to answer routine and service questions in real time. An example of a routine request is a password reset. Since service desk staff often have to spend a lot of time handling larger transactional requests, chatbots make it quick and easy to handle these types of requests.

More availability

Chatbots are available 24 hours a day, every day. Unlike their human counterparts, they don't need to sleep and can provide Q&A service to potential customers at any time. Their speed not only impacts 24/7 chatbot customer satisfaction, but also provides a competitive advantage for many businesses.

Customer retention

More and more businesses are using chatbot technology. Today, chatbots are used in many companies to handle customer requests. Chatbots have a positive effect on customer retention and overall customer experience. Companies benefit from the fact that chatbots are always available and automatically handle user issues.