Cider: what do you need to know about it?

At some events we have taken part in, we often do not appreciate the quality of the drink we have been served. This is frequently caused by the lack of knowledge or by the absence of the necessary funds for good quality products. The following article gives you some information about cider, which is a natural and flowing drink.


Cider which is not much known is an alcoholic drink. It has an alcohol volume that is between 2 and 8% and is produced from the fermentation of apple juice. It can be made wherever there are cider apples. Cider apples are different from table apples. When there is a lot of sugar in the cider, it is less alcoholic. We have sweet cider (sugar equal to 35 g/l and alcohol less than 3%), raw cider (28 g/l of sugar maximum and 5% of alcohol) and semi-dry cider (28 to 42 g/l of sugar and less than 3 to 4,5% of alcohol. There are also extra dry and extra raw ciders. The cider is pure juice (no water added), obtained by alcoholic fermentation only, carbonated and corked. Maisson Sassy offers several collections of ciders. You can click on the link to learn more.

Cider apples

Cider apples are special for the production of cider. Small in size, they are rich in tannins. There are four families of cider apples. Sweet and mild apples are composed of tannin less than 0.2% and acid less than 0.45%. Sweet and bitter apples have a tannin content higher than 0.2% and an equally low acidity. Bitter apples (tannin higher than 0.2% and acidity higher than 0.45%) and sour apples (tannin lower than 0.2% and high acidity).