How to create your chatbot?

Designed to simulate conversations with human users, especially on the Internet, the chatbot can be deployed on Facebook Messenger, Twitter or your website. It is an integral part of the company's marketing strategy. To create a chatbot that can attract and interact, you need the following software.

Best software to create chatbots

Discover the best APIs for creating conversational bots.


This is one of the most popular chatbot development platforms on Facebook Messenger. Chatfuel offers a free trial with basic features and is limited to 50 users. The platform is very intuitive, easy to use and accessible to everyone. Check this check my site for more details.


  With the chatbot builder tool, you can create websites and messaging chatbots to automate booking schedules, lead qualifications, or handling customer technical questions. HubSpot is open to anyone and provides bot templates and visual editors to customize conversations to fit your brand identity. No programming knowledge or special skills are required.


With Botsify, you can develop chatbots for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS exchanges or websites. You can create multiple chatbots and use them for different purposes, allowing you to manage many tasks.

Messenger People

This chatbot creation platform makes bots available on a variety of channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Notify, Telegram and Apple Business Chat. All messaging apps can be managed through a single interface that allows for a comprehensive view.

The French tool Botnation allows you to create chatbots on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WordPress or websites. Ergonomic and accessible, it offers tutorials and free templates to develop chatbots.

Flow XO

It makes it easy to create chatbots that you can deploy on Facebook Messenger, Slack or Telegram. The tool also allows chatbots to connect to over 100 other apps and import contacts from conversations. Adopting any of these chatbot software makes it easy to create custom chatbots without knowing programming techniques.