How to use a milestone in project management?

You are a project manager and you would like to better follow the evolution of your various projects and be able to share them more easily? This is probably why you are interested in how milestones work. In this article we will explain what a milestone is and how you can use it. We hope you enjoy reading it.

What is a milestone in project management?

A milestone is a component of a project, it is a marker often used by project managers to better control the evolution of their various projects. The stakes of the milestone are several, click here for more info. For example, the milestone can be used to mark the end of a project or an important date or, thanks to the milestone, one can define objectives and know precisely when these objectives are reached. 

Furthermore, note that to reach a milestone, three actions are often put into practice. First, the progress of the previous stage is reviewed to capitalise on what worked and what did not. Next, the deliverables of the previous phase should be validated and finally, an analysis is made to validate the next phase taking into account the results of the previous phase to give rise to a re-planning.

Making good use of a milestone in project management 

Any self-respecting project manager must use milestones to monitor and share the progress of the projects entrusted to him. So how can you use milestones for your various projects? We answer this question in this section of the article:

- You can use the milestone as a deadline indicator, which will give you a clearer idea of the end and start deadlines;

- You can plan events with the milestone by breaking your projects into different stages;

- celebrate your progress, each time you pass a milestone in the process of completing your project, celebrate this progress so that you can keep staff motivated and ready to do more.

In summary, the use of milestones is essential for any project manager because of the many strengths they offer, and using milestones well is within everyone's reach.