Iranian parliament files complaint against president

According to observers, the ultra-conservative accusations against Hassan Rouhani were linked to the prospect of reconciliation with the United States. Iran will step up enrichment of uranium, unlike the 2015 nuclear deal.

190 deputies file a complaint against Rohani

Of the 235 representatives present in Tehran's parliament, 190 voted to file a complaint against President Hassan Rouhani, accusing him of ignoring national laws, according to Iranian news agency Fars. However, observers speculate a connection to the negotiations of the new nuclear deal in Vienna, which could lead to reconciliation with the supreme enemy of the United States. Shortly after winning the February 2020 parliamentary elections, Iran's hardline and ultra-conservative lines wanted a summons to parliament and the eventual deposition of the moderate head of state. According to them, with his pro-Western policies and the 2015 nuclear deal, Rouhani would have diverted the Islamic Republic from its ideological objectives. Moreover, his reform policies would not have brought benefits to the country which was once rich in oil and plunged into one of its worst economic crises. Rouhani for his part vehemently rejects criticism, in turn accusing extremists in Parliament of sacrificing national interests. ux in the name of internal power struggles, ahead of the June presidential election. After two terms, he will no longer be able to run.

Iran steps up uranium enrichment

This Saturday (10/04), Rouhani announced that his country had launched mechanical tests with a new advanced nuclear centrifuge, type IR-9, capable of separating isotopes from uranium more quickly, accelerating the enrichment of the radioactive element. According to the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI), the process will allow uranium enrichment of up to 60%. The decision violated the 2015 Joint Global Plan of Action (JCPOA), in which the Asian country pledged to adhere to IR-1 type centrifuges and 4% enrichment level, thereby ensuring that 'he wouldn't build atomic weapons.