What is the vision of the current CEO of New World Development on the urban development of Hong Kong ?

In order to provide consumers with an urban environment, the new CEO intends to create a new class of environment through the family-owned company New World Development.  The latter foresees an urban development combining hospitality, residential, and commercial. So what is Hong Kong developer Adrian Cheng's vision for urban development? Follow the thread of this article to find out. 

Creating a new class of cultural environment and experience

One of the visions of the new CEO of New World Development is to establish a new class of cultural environment and experience. Read more about adrian Cheng's vision for Hong Kong's urban development in the following article. First of all, it should be noted that the new CEO of New World Development intends to redefine life and hospitality with large-scale projects. It goes without saying that the vision of the Hong Kong developer is to give the city a new look. 

Unlike the previous management by his father and grandfather who advocated an internal operation of a real estate development, he plans to do things differently. He plans to initiate a holistic and innovative ecosystem of environments and experiences that champion a new type of lifestyle. 

Setting up a structure that merges art and commerce

Since he believes that people are no longer satisfied with traditional art viewing or shopping mall experiences, he plans to modernise their services. He wants to offer a destination where they can access multiple layers of culture. For example, he plans to make Victoria Dockside a district for the modern age. This will be done by drawing on the distinctive heritage of the site to revitalise it. With their 100 creative powers, they have managed to create the Silicon Valley of Culture, a destination with considerable advances.

As for how this new leader plans to find partners, he explains. They have hired an architectural firm to ensure that their vision will be executed. In order to do this, they are looking to work only with partners who share the same vision. It is about strengthening culture and creativity, supporting social innovation and creating a sustainable way of life that meets the needs of the new generation.