Who can get the Visitax ?

Mexico has implemented a mandatory tax that allows travellers access to Quintana Roo regardless of the purpose or object of their visit. Obtaining the visitax is quick and can be done online at the Visitax website in no more than five minutes. This tax allows the government to improve tourist attractions and enhance your stay in the Caribbean. The Visitax is only valid for entering Quintana Roo and not Mexico. Find out now in this article, the categories of people subject to Visitax.

All persons over 4 years old

Quintana Roo has several tourist attractions that attract many visitors every year. All children under the age of 4 are exempt from obtaining Visitax to enter. During the holidays, you and your children need a change of scenery. Quintana is the best place to spend a beautiful and unforgettable holiday. You will have the chance to discover a breathtaking landscape and a beautiful view of the beach if you wish. For your children under 4 years old, no need for a visitax, a passport will do. When you fill in the online visitax application form, make sure you mention whether you are travelling alone, with family or friends. Each member must have a paper receipt for their visitax. The fee is $42 and includes an $11 government fee.

All travellers or visitors for any purpose

Whether you come to Quintana for tourism, business, holiday or sightseeing, as long as you are not under 04 years old, you are obliged to pay the visitax which is a mandatory pass. Note that whatever the reason for your visit to Quintana, your stay cannot exceed 180 days if you are an international traveller. You are not required to have a test for COVID-19 or to present a vaccination pass. All these restrictions have been lifted.