Why have a dog?

It is often noted that almost in many households, there is a dog. It is therefore necessary to understand that this animal is of great importance in the life of man. In this article we will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of this animal.

What are the benefits that the dog brings to man?

Still called doggie, the dog is a domestic animal often seen in the company of man. For some, it is a faithful apostle. This is justified for most of the time when we see him behind his master. It is the animal of reference to ensure the surveillance of your house. Then, although it offers its company, the dog also favors a certain development to the man on the psychological plan as well as sanitary. 

For the first one, that is to say the psychological plan, your dog helps you to face some trauma. Also, the love of the dog is unequal to that of the man and this in a general way. Imagine for a moment, your spouse leaves you, do you think your dog will leave you? No, he will stay with you. The dog is a better friend of man, therefore it improves his health. 

This is much more noticeable when you go out with your dog. You would have walked a long distance without realizing it just because you feel the warmth of your pet next to you. As well as these many benefits, dogs allow people to expand their acquaintances or their list of friends.


What are the disadvantages of having a dog?

Having a dog is good. Nevertheless, it is necessary to recognize that it becomes a nuisance when it does not get much protection. Let's mention that it is synonymous with financial resources. Also, let's recognize that it gives all its love, so it requires a great feedback. And therefore you could not do what you want and when you want.